Rooted Launch Event #DoncasterIsGreat #ILoveDN #DNweekeND

flower bed

This weekend saw Doncaster’s second DNweekeND arts festival, and what a weekend it was!

Or so we’re told. Unfortunately we were part of it so we missed a lot of really cool stuff. That said we did get to *do* a lot of really cool stuff ourselves. Like build planters out of reclaimed materials such as wood, old cooking oil tins, baskets, tins…


making planters 2

making planters

…tea pots…

tea pot

tea pot 2

…and even a pair of old boots…

boot planter

This was all part of the launch of the Rooted project. An arts and agriculture event set in the grounds of Doncaster Museum & Art Gallery and the adjoining Art Park. In conjunction with Doncaster Urban Growers (DUG) and the Doncopolitan we will be developing the project over the coming months. We will be building a series of sculptural planters for the site and hosting a number of workshops and performance events in the run up to our grand finale in the winter. The launch event included performances too…

rooted circle

uke performance 3

…from a very talented ukulele songstress…

uke performance 1

…Sammy Williams…

uke performance 2

…to spoken word from Doncopolitan‘s Rachel Horne

rachel 1

rachel 2

…to a poetry recital from the wonderful Joie Carruthers…

joie 1

…to an amazing performance from rising star, Bam Morgan…

bam 1

Unfortunately the rain clouds started to close in, but we were lucky enough (or forward thinking enough…) to have PixieWork’s 16ft Yurt to hand…


…so we popped inside for one of the best (and most intimate) little gigs I’ve enjoyed in ages…

bam yurt 2

bam 4

bam yurt

bam 2

And this was just the beginning. Rooted is a grass-roots project with each event set to be bigger and better until the grande finale. If you’d like to be at the next event then watch this space.

If you’d like to get involved then leave a comment or email us via doncopolitan[at]gmail[dot]com

Willow Hey project and the Women of Cawder Estate

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An early start to the day this morning, me and Landrover Dave left my house at eight oclock and went on a none consumerist spending spree, we spent almost £200 in less that fifteen minutes and not a designer item in sight, the bulk of the money was spent on gardening resources and tools for both the Willow Hey site and for our new growers on the Cawder housing estate. We began our work on site, planting on tomatoes and peppers which we had picked up at a knock down price as part of our earlier shopping spree.

Big up the Princes Trust team!

A group of young people working their way through the Princes trust program chose to carry out their work placement on our site, which has been great for us hooking up with people in our area, and also their invaluable insistence and input into our…

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Rooted: Launches this weekend! #DNweekeND #DoncasterIsGreat #ILoveDN


As part of Doncaster’s DNweekeND, PermaFuture, the DUG, PixieWorks and the Doncopolitan have teamed up to launch the Rooted project. Throughout the summer we will be building a unique, community led, pop-up garden and performance space made out of reclaimed materials in the grounds of Doncaster Museum & Art Gallery on Chequer Road.

There will be workshops – including ‘An Introduction to Yurt Building‘, ‘How To Make Seed Bombs‘ and ‘Growing in a Small Space‘ – and music in the afternoon. The event starts 12pm, Saturday 20th June, 2015.

Watch this space for more details.

Get growing great Lever 2015: The growing Revolution continues!

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We began this project a year or so ago with a view to supporting growers in our area for as long as possible. The way that we have managed to achieve this has been by carefully spending our small pots of funding and by producing some of the plants ourselves for our growers. With something like gardening there is almosts always a way to continue a project, and we have tried our best to ensure that we have continuity with all of our projects because food poverty is not going to go away, neither is the out of reach pricing of organic produce for people on our estate. Here are some pictures of one of growers efforts this year, and as you can see things are really moving along for this couple.

Growers Michelle and Trev taking a break from Gardening for five minutes. Growers Michelle and Trev taking a break from Gardening for five minutes.

The main growing area of the garden full of first early and main crop potatoes. The main growing area of the…

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Help build the Donny Seed Exchange – #ILoveDN #DoncasterIsGreat #SeedFreedom

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Tomorrow (2nd October, 2013) marks the start of the Fortnight of Action for Seed Freedom 2013; a project created by the amazing Dr Vandana Shiva…

As part of the fortnight of action we’re creating Doncaster’s first free seed bank. With the help and support of the Doncaster Central Development Trust (that’s the DCDT *not* the DMBC!) we’ll be creating a space to freely exchange seeds at Church View (the former art college behind St George’s Minster opposite Tesco car park). We’ll also be planting some of those seeds in garden created by DUG earlier in the year.

Why is a seed bank and garden important?.. Let’s let Seed Freedom explain…

What is a seed bank?

A community seed bank is a network of seed saving and exchange, a site for exercising Seed Freedom. Seeds are collected, saved, grown out, multiplied, selected, distributed …and the cycle continues, the circles…

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#DoncasterIsGreat for Dedicated DUG Diggers!..

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Despite the rain a brave bunch of dedicated diggers turned up to begin the work of transforming a patch of weedy wasteland (not that we’re the type of people who believe in ‘weeds’)…


…into an Apothecary Garden.

We began by selecting the plants we wanted to keep (there was already plenty of useful self-seeded plants such as sorrel, chestnut, dandelion, nettle, clover and elder) and then thinning out the rest so we could plant other food, herb and medicinal plants.


The rain was a bit of a pain, but at least it made pulling the plants out easier ;-)


We then selected our plants…


…and marked them with our specially designed DUG tags…


Many hands made light (if wet…) work…


…and we soon had a wide variety of plants in place; including raspberry, mint, pak choi, rocket, chives, basil and oregano, to name but a few.


We’ll be back next…

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#DoncasterIsGreat for Growing… come along and find out why…

small get growing

Come and join us next Thursday (May 23rd) anytime from 6pm onwards as we begin to plant an Apothecary (food, herbs and medicinal plant garden) at Church View (just behind the Minster opposite Tesco car park) and find out how growing your own can make you healthier while saving you a shed load of money.

Click here to download and share a copy f our Get Growing poster :-)

#DoncasterIsGreat for Growing in a Small Space… amendment

Please note the change of date on the following event…

small GGB_May_meeting_poster
















PermaFuture co-founder John Briggs will now be giving a presentation for Growing a Greater Bentley (GGB) on Growing in a Small Space at Bentley Baptist Church at 6:30pm on Tuesday, 14th May (rather than the 7th as previously stated). We’ll be following this up with a practical session in the heart of Doncaster at the end of the month, so watch this space for further details.

Click here to download, print and share a PDF of the altered poster. :-)