Prep Planting Update

We’ve been out prep planting again today. While we were at it we also checked on the blackthorn and damsons that we planted earlier in the month. So far we’ve planted some 60 fruit trees and 20 or so currant shrubs (a job which has taken less than 4hrs in total – and most of that time was spent crossing roads!). The saplings planted on the old industrial park had been gnawed by rabbits, but despite the damage we only have one dead plant. The blackthorn are in flower and the damsons are budding nicely.

At the road verge it’s a similar story – one dead tree and one not looking too chipper, but the rest are thriving. We’re now well on the way to turning a dilapidated fence-line into a fruiting hedgerow. But that’s just the beginning, over the coming months we’ll be companion planting to show how every neglected patch of land – be it a road-verge or waste-ground – has the potential to become a guerrilla allotment or forest garden. 😉

Happy digging!

Published by The PermaFuture Project

We combine Permaculture and survivalist ethics and strategies to plan for a sustainable and self-sufficient future - both for individuals and communities.

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