The house on the hill…..

Hello everyone. Well that’s the move from the vault in the valley to the house on the hill done dusted and over. Just thought you’d all like to know how things are going. Well it’s been a busy time putting the bees to bed for winter but all the supers are off and extracted, nearly a hundred pounds of the glorious golden liquid is now ready to be put into jar’s. That’s well over 140 pounds over the year so big round of applause for my hard working girls .

The spare honey is bubbling away nicely as its been fermented into mead as we speak. One batch is a plain mead the other is a metheglin mead flavoured with hops and ginger. There is also two gallons of foraged apple wine busy doing its thing. The hops from my bine are in the cellar drying nicely, though haven’t decided what to do with them yet… maybe a nice hop pillow or 10 for Christmas. I haven’t got the equipment to do a full mash beer put hey that’s what the futures for ain’t it !!!

Other than that the usual veggies are coming in, Beetroot, green beans and cabbage though the carrots haven’t done that well,  but the potatoes have more than made up for it. Piccaso you are a legend , wink wink !

So here i am in the house on the hill sitting pretty as they say, some failures some successes but that’s what its all about ! Winters coming so time to get my head in a book and plan next years activity’s. Not that it will go according to anything but the law of sod !!

Bye for now !

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We combine Permaculture and survivalist ethics and strategies to plan for a sustainable and self-sufficient future - both for individuals and communities.

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  1. I love your tagline: Plan like it’s your FIRST day on Earth. Live like it’s your LAST. Very cool.

    I try to buy local honey from small scale beekeepers and support those who care about worldwide honeybee health, and who use sustainable and ethical beekeeping practices.

    I bought a Warre hive last spring, but didn’t catch a swarm yet. I guess I need to order some. DO you know a good supplier?

  2. Hi prepster411,

    Where in the world are you? I personally know of a wild swarm which needs rehousing so we can fix a roof, but that’s in the heart of Yorkshire, England.

    As for suppliers I’ll have a word with John (the bee expert and main poster on this blog).

    Warm regards,

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