Girls will be boys, boys will be girls…..

Hi guys,

Been enjoying reading this article by the crunchy chicken. We like crunchy chicken, a sexy sassy and very intelligent woman. what’s not to like… But any way i digress.

It has reminded me of an article i once wrote about the femanization of men.

I sometimes wonder what happened to men. I feel like the only one left. I’m six foot 36 years old. I started going grey in my early twenty’s. And i didn’t care. I work out alternating between gym/wieght work and cardio exercise. I don’t own a car so walk or ride everywhere. I do this not because i want to look good or be a pretty boy. I believe fitness is a survival attribute. I need to be able to care for those i love. Can i lift some one out of the way of danger, Can i spend all day building a wetland water recycling system on nothing but bad coffee and sponge cake ?

I also do martial arts. I’m a pretty good shot with a rifle ( i was a sniper back in the day ) I can handle a knife, paunch and skin my dinner.  Grow my own veg.

Doe’s that make me a Neanderthal ? I also say i love you. Open doors for women, give up my seat on the bus. Say please and  thank you. Cook romantic meals ( I’m a pretty good cook but  can always do better !!)

I do these things because as  a man i have a code of honour, a set of principles and ethics i choose to live my life by. I’ll write an article about that later. But for now, girls, just what do want from your man ?

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We combine Permaculture and survivalist ethics and strategies to plan for a sustainable and self-sufficient future - both for individuals and communities.

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