It’s a new dawn in the North….Or it could be……

Hello Everyone,

I’m angry oh so very angry today. So I’ll start by apologising for the rant that’s to come. So what has awakened my ire ? Well its two articles in Fridays mirror. Not a newspaper i read a lot but at least it assumes its readers can actually read which is lot more than can be said for a few other red tops and broadsheets.

Here is the first article by Tristram Hunt if you want to read it. Its about the draft National Planning Policy Framework. Basically this Government’s economic policies haven’t worked so they are going to scrap planning policy and allow developments anywhere. This is absolutely ludicrous. In a country with 750,000 empty homes, Business park vacancy’s at 17% and over 1.6 Million square feet of retail space currently empty, we need to encourage people and business to use what we have rather than build more just so a few cronies in the building trade can get rich on the kickbacks. The Tories supervised the wholesale gutting and rape of our once thriving and bustling high street’s when they relaxed the rules on developing greenbelt land. They stood watch whilst the country disappeared under a sea of out of town developments and superstore’s. And by god we let them. We chose to abandon our own lives and the life of our towns for the fake glitz and glamour. Build it and they will come. And we went in droves….

We’ll here’s the second article that has so, as we say ’round here, Boiled my piss. 

Essentially its about how this and previous governments have abandoned the north. How once thriving communities lie broken and shattered, The former employers have left, the development agency’s are shut down. No jobs, no hope. But that’s not the part that got me mad. Oh no. I mean this set of bottom feeders in Westminster got me started but its not what has got me all riled up. It’s WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO US THAT HAS TURNED US INTO SUCH A BUNCH OF FECKLESS WANKERS..?

Don’t get me wrong i feel for the people of Middlesborough. I really do. Here in Doncaster we experienced the same thing ten years ago. But for me this is an opportunity to be had. Stop wingeing about what has been lost. Stop begging or expecting a funding hand out. Your government has abandoned you. GET OVER IT. Here’s a thought. Abandon them. The old way doesn’t work any more. The old economics don’t work any more. The old industries DONT WORK ANY MORE. It’s the wild wild west out there. A perfect place for people like us to rebuild the broken remains of what once was. To create a safe sustainable and stable future for us all. Why not try and rebuild things your self. So my call to the people of Middlesborough is this, Plant a garden. Gardening is a gate way drug. Once you start you cant stop. So take those vacant and abandoned plots of land and put them under the hoe. Squat and repair those empty house’s. When people ask you what you are doing invite them to help. Share the produce and build a community again. Learn to store the surplus produce or donate it to a local food bank.

Once you start to garden and grow food you become aware of other issue’s such as water quality and resource recycling. There’s plenty of help and information out there. Place’s such as this blog, videos on you tube and just the internet in general. Rebuild you industries and economy using different models. The old ways don’t work any more. The old models no longer apply.

So stop expecting someone to come along and solve your problems for you. Only you know what you need. Only you can provide the solutions. Be self reliant again. Plant a garden and see where it takes you.

Published by The PermaFuture Project

We combine Permaculture and survivalist ethics and strategies to plan for a sustainable and self-sufficient future - both for individuals and communities.

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