Calling all writers, preppers, artists, permaculturalists, survivalists and appropriate techies!

The PermaFuture crew are currently working on an exciting new project and we’d like YOU to get involved…

OTF (Own Two Feet) Magazine will be a completely DIY/grassroots publication created using solely upcycled ‘end-of-use’ (i.e. scrap) equipment and Free Open Source Software (FOSS) applications. As with all PermaFuture projects we want to show that both the resources and the skills needed to create something new and exciting already exist within each and every one of our communities; all that really needs to change is our attitudes towards creativity, technology and blind consumption.

OTF will be a magazine about resilience, self-reliance and self-sustainability. As with the larger PermaFuture project, it will draw on the principles of Permaculture, Bushcraft, Martial Arts and Appropriate Technology in order to encourage the development of healthier, happier, more creative and thriftier individuals, families and communities. The emphasis will be very much on the practical, with each issue offering tips and detailed plans which can help people meet everyday needs, get fit, save money and/or become less dependent. We also intend to include philosophical, inspirational and lifestyle stories along with artworks, photographs, cartoons and letters.

As we’ve already mentioned this is a grassroots project which currently has zero budget, so we can’t offer payment or prizes. But we do believe that this is an exiting opportunity for writers, artists, cartoonists, permaculturalists, survivalists, appropriate technologists, preppers and planners to get involved with a brand new magazine… and who knows, if things go well we might even be able to pay people one day 😉

If you’d like to submit something for the first issue of OTF – or if you’d like to subscribe or make a donation to help get us started (offers of finance and/or equipment will be warmly welcomed!)  – then email us via editorial[at]permafuture[dot]org or leave a comment below.

The deadline for the 1st issue is November 18th, 2011.

Advertising inquiries to advertising[at]permafuture[dot]org

Published by The PermaFuture Project

We combine Permaculture and survivalist ethics and strategies to plan for a sustainable and self-sufficient future - both for individuals and communities.

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