Something wicked this way come’s….

It’s been a year since i moved here to the Dragons weyr . A year of observation of the garden. A year of watching the sun and shade patterns. A year of watching the water flows and wind moving.

A year of watching. Well that’s over, now its time to get to work. This year I’ll put the veg garden in on the east side to get the most of the afternoon sun and the east wall will get turned into a living wall of salad greens.  To the south go the big green shade loving plants, like the rhubarbs and the water ponds…

dragons nest

But first i have an admission to make. I hate ivy. Yep there is a plant i hate, and hate with a passion. And that’s ivy. I know it provides a rich habitat for many species but it just looks ugly, provides me with nothing. And it gets everywhere. It just has to go.


But i believe in replacing like for like, so now I’m looking for a productive climbing plant. Hhmmm my mind races with the possibility’s, grapes, kiwi even passion fruit all spring to mind.

But wait there’s a grove of hops not far from here. The perfect solution ! A productive climber that has many use’s both as a medicinal plant and for flavouring BEER !

And so off to the sacred grove i go looking for a good selection of roots ( they are known as bine’s in the trade ) and what do i find ?? Our local council has been in and stripped the place out !! Grrrr it’s a scene of absolute devastation, every bush has been cut to the ground every tree viciously pruned….. Oh what to do ???

Then is struck me. They have only cut the plants down, not dug them out and clearing the site gives me better access, so in i go.

Whipping out the sacred trowel of plunder, in less than a minute i have four or five lengths of good thick hop bine ready to transplant.

So they go into a pot ready to spend the year getting established before they go into the ground permanently.


Now just below the surface the bines are putting out new roots, and once they start to draw up their food the shoots will spring out to grasp for space and wine their way towards the light. At nearly an inch a day, some times 2 !!!


Oh yes something wicked this way comes……. My hangover 🙂

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We combine Permaculture and survivalist ethics and strategies to plan for a sustainable and self-sufficient future - both for individuals and communities.

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