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Doncaster Urban Growers


Tomorrow (2nd October, 2013) marks the start of the Fortnight of Action for Seed Freedom 2013; a project created by the amazing Dr Vandana Shiva…

As part of the fortnight of action we’re creating Doncaster’s first free seed bank. With the help and support of the Doncaster Central Development Trust (that’s the DCDT *not* the DMBC!) we’ll be creating a space to freely exchange seeds at Church View (the former art college behind St George’s Minster opposite Tesco car park). We’ll also be planting some of those seeds in garden created by DUG earlier in the year.

Why is a seed bank and garden important?.. Let’s let Seed Freedom explain…

What is a seed bank?

A community seed bank is a network of seed saving and exchange, a site for exercising Seed Freedom. Seeds are collected, saved, grown out, multiplied, selected, distributed …and the cycle continues, the circles…

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