Willow Hey project and the Women of Cawder Estate


An early start to the day this morning, me and Landrover Dave left my house at eight oclock and went on a none consumerist spending spree, we spent almost £200 in less that fifteen minutes and not a designer item in sight, the bulk of the money was spent on gardening resources and tools for both the Willow Hey site and for our new growers on the Cawder housing estate. We began our work on site, planting on tomatoes and peppers which we had picked up at a knock down price as part of our earlier shopping spree.

Big up the Princes Trust team!

A group of young people working their way through the Princes trust program chose to carry out their work placement on our site, which has been great for us hooking up with people in our area, and also their invaluable insistence and input into our…

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