Rooted – August

rooted august 20th - small

Dear Doncasterians and Doncolites,

We are very proud to be working on a new visual arts and growing project called “Rooted”.

We’re working alongside Doncaster Museum and Art Gallery to create an edible garden (mainly from reclaimed upcycled materials) know as ‘The Junkle’.

We’ve already had donations of junk from local businesses. If you have anything laying around waiting to go to landfill, please let us know. We’ll save your waste and turn it into glorious functional planters.
A big thank you to Richard (or ‘Mr Papacassi’) of Papacass’s Kitchen for saving over 20 catering cans from the landfill.

We are working hard to secure permission to expand the project so that we can take over the patch of land between The Point and the Musuem know Arts Park (although, so far, not much ‘art’ happens there – we hope to change this!). We believe Doncasterians need more green spaces which they can dream, think, create, learn. play and share ideas in.

We’re also designing a pop-up stage know as the Pallet Play House; a space where performances of all kinds – music, plays, stories, comedy, rants – can take place. Think ‘Boom Town’ in the centre of Donny. Think local stories being performed by local people.

This week we are reaching out to you to come down and join us as we talk about Doncopolitan, Rooted and Donny life. We’ll be at the Museum building planters (thanks again Mr Papacassi), designing banners and creating decor for our main event; a Harvest Moon Party which will take place in October.

Thursday 20th August. Doncaster Museum and Art Gallery Bring the kids for free workshops. Banner Making and Planting at the Musuem.

Saturday 22nd August. Sir Nigel Gresley Square as part of Doncaster Pride.

Experience living off the land in a Yurt. Help make a planter and decor for Rooted.

Sunday  23rd August. Cask Corner

We’ll be dressing the ‘smoking area’ as part of the ‘Rock the Greens’ event.

Published by The PermaFuture Project

We combine Permaculture and survivalist ethics and strategies to plan for a sustainable and self-sufficient future - both for individuals and communities.

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