A Path way to success

It’s been four weeks since we were handed the keys to this place and its mysteries are slowly being revealed. Strange fences emerging from the sea of thistle, a sign post that doesn’t point anywhere and the jobs board with echoes of a ship lost on the oceans.

Captain’s log. Last entry, March 2012.

It can be a spooky place but we are slowly making it a home.

The weirdest thing though is the paths. Laid out carefully in red brick sets and, I might add, with some significant skill some have a definite purpose. Access for the disabled to the raised beds that have become Doncaster’s main tourist attraction we dubbed “the chive Lawn”. Access to the rear of the polytunnel and greenhouse. Vitally important for moving stock and equipment in and out.



What’s not so clear are the ones that seem to lead nowhere useful. The spur that lead to the fence, the half hidden trek to the rear gate. That not only doesn’t point to the gate but stops half way there!!


There must have been a plan. I’m just not sure what it was.

And whilst we may think we can do better I’m sure in generations to come people will wonder “what the hell were they thinking??”


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