Behold, for we have Strawberries

A lot of the crops we will be planting are perennial fruiting bushes and the like, and we have lots of stock hidden all over Doncaster, ready for the day we took over this site and when the onset of winter sends them to sleep.

One of those sites is a strawberry bed in my backyard vegetable patch.

And it has kind of gotten out of control. To be honest it’s more of a lawn these day. With runners twisting, seething and clambering over each other to reach the soil. And seeing as I need the space and the site needs the strawberries its time to harvest and transplant the little suckers.

strawberry strawberry-3

I managed to get a mixed bag of two year old plants and this year’s runners down to the farm, and this shot shows the rootlets just starting to reach for the soil.


It’s amazing to me how diverse nature can be when deciding how to produce offspring. Who would have thought the humble strawberry plant could clone itself??? Simply by touching the ground…

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We combine Permaculture and survivalist ethics and strategies to plan for a sustainable and self-sufficient future - both for individuals and communities.

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