Composting, installing update 7 of 4079….

The old composting set up was a bit basic to say the least. Composting well is both skill, alchemy, magic and bewitchment in equal measure. And we don’t just want to compost.


Oh no.

We have bigger plans than that.

We want to introduce a dangerous, vicious predator into the mix. A wild untamable beast that does nothing but hunt, eat and hunt. A mindless killing machine of unstoppable power and unerring will that can never be stopped.

A veritable soil shark.

Behold. The worm.


We are going seriously upscale with our wormery. No piddley little tubs by the back door. No bath tubs with flexible pipe drainage. We are going big.

2 meters cube big. Which means the old bins have to go. And so I’ve at least got half way there in digging out one bin to make way for the experimental bins. And if they work we’ll go ahead and build a more permanent setup in which to house the vermicomposters.


Vermicomposting, the technical and dryly boring name for getting worms to eat stuff and pass it out the other end gives us a lot of usable outputs for the site for very little input on our end. We chuck in whatever garden waste we have (if it swam, flew or walked it doesn’t go in, is a good rule of thumb) and the little bugs and critters break it down and eventually the worms come along and hoover up all the nastier bits and poop them out. We don’t even have to do too much to make them happy. They tend to stay right in their goldilocks zone.

And so we get a mineral and nutrient rich soil from their castings, the liquid run off is also excellent as a liquid fertilizer and the worms themselves can be sold on as packages to people wanting their own little ecosystem and even, as I hold back a tear, to local fishermen.

But I don’t like to think about that…

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We combine Permaculture and survivalist ethics and strategies to plan for a sustainable and self-sufficient future - both for individuals and communities.

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