The PermaFuture Project is based in Doncaster, South Yorkshire. We combine permaculture and survivalist principles – and practices – to plan for an uncertain future. Our region is one of the poorest in the UK and, as such, is particularly susceptible to economic and ecological crisis. But when we look at the area in terms of resources that are vital to a healthy, happy human society we’re actually incredibly rich – the only thing standing in our way is bad planning and short-term thinking.

We are ‘Community Survivalists’; people who believe that long term survival is easier and more efficient as a social endeavour, and that communities are healthier when they’re made up of individuals who have the ability to be largely self-reliant. We feel strongly that those skills needed to get us through the collapse of the Three Es – Ecology (Climate Change), Energy (Peak Oil) and Economy (the ongoing crisis of capitalism) – also have the potential to provide more rewarding human lives and social relationships regardless of whether or not we face external crisis. To encourage this belief we work on a range of strategies designed to develop and encourage greater levels of self-sufficiency and autonomy – for individuals and communities.

We are currently developing the ADApT (Anticipatory Design and/or/of Appropriate Technology) Strategy as a trial educational project for the Doncaster region.

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  1. Hi,
    I’m a currency designer working with communities implementing local, alternative currencies. I’ve recently set up a website as both a portal for relevant economic news and a portfolio of new projects. The site also explains the benefits of starting a local currency. Feel free to visit and get in touch if you have any currency related questions, I would also love to hear your feedback.

    With best wishes,

    Tom Badley
    Currency Design Consultant

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