Tighter oil supplies in 2012 ??

Here’s an interesting article from oil-price.net. It’s a pretty good little site I use to monitor the oil price now and again and they have some good articles about issues in the oil industry. Basically they are saying that in the next few months an increase in demand will push the price of oil up […]

Lentils: An Investment Opportunity!

Only when the last tree has died and the last river been poisoned and the last fish been caught will we realise we cannot eat money.  ~Cree Indian Proverb After years of lobbying by powerful bankers and hedge fund managers, the strict (and rather sensible…) regulations surrounding speculation on food were relaxed allowing financial companies […]

Calling all writers, preppers, artists, permaculturalists, survivalists and appropriate techies!

The PermaFuture crew are currently working on an exciting new project and we’d like YOU to get involved… OTF (Own Two Feet) Magazine will be a completely DIY/grassroots publication created using solely upcycled ‘end-of-use’ (i.e. scrap) equipment and Free Open Source Software (FOSS) applications. As with all PermaFuture projects we want to show that both […]

Girls will be boys, boys will be girls…..

Hi guys, Been enjoying reading this article by the crunchy chicken. We like crunchy chicken, a sexy sassy and very intelligent woman. what’s not to like… But any way i digress. It has reminded me of an article i once wrote about the femanization of men. I sometimes wonder what happened to men. I feel […]

It’s a new dawn in the North….Or it could be……

Hello Everyone, I’m angry oh so very angry today. So I’ll start by apologising for the rant that’s to come. So what has awakened my ire ? Well its two articles in Fridays mirror. Not a newspaper i read a lot but at least it assumes its readers can actually read which is lot more […]

Natural Savings: Gardening on a Budget

Well hello there every one, Here’s a few money saving tips from nancy at surviving and thriving on pennies, via retro house wife goes green, don’t forget to check them out and make friends. I know i have ! Most people think you need to invest a lot to start a garden but that’s not […]

Buggin’ Out with BOB

The Bug-Out-Bag (BOB) is a classic survival strategy. The basic idea is to have a pre-packed, readily available, easily carried bag filled with equipment which, in case of catastrophic emergency, will help keep you alive for 72 hours. The main focus is usually on evacuation rather than long-term survival – but if you can survive […]